The Baale Mane Painting Competition

As part of its outreach programme, a enthusiastic team of MPS volunteers organised a painting competition at The Baale Mane on 13th December.  Thirty of the 60 odd girls at The Baale Mane, aged between seven and 16, took part in the competition.  The winner was Shashikala K with this painting, which MPS has used for its holiday card this year:

The second prize was awarded to Vara Lakshmi:

The judges were hard pressed to award the third prize given the quality of all of the pictures, but finally split it between two girls: Chaitra N for her painting:

and Vaishu M for her entry:

The Baale Mane is a home for around 60 girls between the ages of 6 and 18 situated on the outskirts of the Bangalore. Founded in 2001 by Paraspara Trust, an NGO dedicated to the eradication of the child labour system, the home provides shelter and a loving home for girls. They girls are either orphans, have a single parent who is unable to care for them or have lost contact with their parents. Most of the girls have been rescued from domestic service, some have been found homeless in the streets by volunteers and others have been given shelter having been arrested by the police when living on the streets. Where possible, the aim of the home is to reunite the girls with their family but where this is neither possible nor desirable, the girls are given long term care and protection at the Baale in order to nurture and resource the girls for a self-sustaining adult life.  The Baale puts great emphasis on providing the girls with an all-round education, including developing their artistic skills, as this competition ably demonstrated.

Congratulations to the four winners and to all those who participated! 

To read more about Baale Mane click here


One Response to The Baale Mane Painting Competition

  1. What a wonderful program! These are beautiful pieces of art. The children are precious. Best wishes to you all. God is great! May God’s grace bless you all with peace and joy!

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