Mobile App Strategies

With growing numbers of mobile platforms and the increasing popularity of various mobile devices, the industry is being forced to look for a common platform to develop mobile applications. Although Adobe is pressing ahead with building a common platform for mobile development (including iOS), at the end of the day it’s going to be licensed.  On the other side, there are quite a few open source and proprietary application frameworks that are vying to produce a native app using HTML5, CSS and Javascript technologies. The applications which are developed using these frameworks can be delivered across all platforms (including iOS). We can also have a web version for PCs.

The mobile development team at MPS is actively working on various tested and proven frameworks such as Phonegap and Titanium. Using these frameworks we are able to effectively deliver different applications for various requirements. These frameworks are capable of accessing phone features such as geolocations, camera and accelerometer. The look and feel of the application also can be developed to match the native app user interface elements to an extent.

From what we’ve seen, this model is going to work best for customers who need to deliver their applications to more than one platform. No more redeveloping the same application in different technologies for different mobiles. Develop once and deliver it to ALL.

Karthick Ulaganathan

Head – Visual Programming Team


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