Analytics Added to MPS’ Online Proofing System

Authors and editors have been using MPS’ online proofing system for several years now to help them review their proofs faster and more easily.  Upgrades and improvements have refined the system –proofs can now be marked up online and are automatically dispatched to the next person in the production process – but until recently it was difficult to know exactly how the platform was being used, and thus how to make it as good as possible for each publisher’s authors and editors.

The introduction of a new analytics service brings critical intelligence on how people are using the platform.  A monthly report shows how many times the platform was accessed and by who – where they are from, what language they were using and so on – how it was accessed, and how many articles were downloaded. 

The statistics help both the publisher and the developer better meet the authors’ needs. For instance, a report for one large STM journal publisher showed that a significant proportion was accessing the platform using the iPhone and iPad.  This prompted the publisher to create special instructions for marking up proofs on Apple devices.  Again, another report showed that the majority of people used Internet Explorer to view the platform, while Chrome users stood at just 3%. This helps the developer decide, in consultation with the publisher, which browser to focus on when creating the optimum user experience. 

This new version of MPS’ online proofing system is available for both book and journal publishers.  For more information, please contact Senthil Swaminathan at


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