BETT 2011

BETT, Jan 2011, London Olympia

BETT was a very busy show, easily as big and vibrant, in terms of exhibitors and visitor numbers, as in the days when the London Book Fair used to reside here.

This was a show of high technology and cutting edge teaching environments and resources providing a glimpse into the future of education delivered in a way designed to engage students’ attention.

The show encompassed all subject disciplines from pre-school to graduation along with special educational needs and CPD areas.

Education is now firmly in the hands of publishers and software companies cooperating to provide every technology, resource, and tool that any teacher could wish for.

At the Macmillan booth, the Global eWorkbook (and other products also built by MPS) attracted many educators who were looking for all-encompassing resources and platforms to allow them to do their teaching well… whilst also delivering a challenging and structured environment to allow students to learn creatively, with confidence, and be motivated to learn and explore more in a fun environment.

The early 70s saw a huge change in education with the advent of the calculator…

The late 90s saw a massive change in learning with students commonly working on laptops and using USB sticks…

This decade has seen a seismic change associated with IWBs, touch tablets, mobile devices, and networking for home and distance learning…

Education has never been so exciting. 


Kathy Law

European Business Development Manager


One Response to BETT 2011

  1. Pawan Kumar Jha says:

    Wow, lovely reading this. I’m sure we, at MPS will surely be able to not only sustain in the market, rather lead the market with the immense talet we have in Pan MPS. I suggest, if similar developments been share with key people at all locations, so that all of us be in the same spaceship.

    Good Luck!!


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