A Day in the Life of an iPad vs Kindle: Day 3

Typing on the iPad has gotten easy and fast; love it, as a matter of fact. I took copious notes during all forums.  Only issue after these few days is sometimes it doesn’t go landscape mode when i turn it. The keyboard is larger in landscape and i am finding it is my typing preference. I did run out of battery life during a forum and had to switch to the BB for note taking. I fixed the auto-spelling feature that was druiving me crazy; went into settings and turned it off. Duhhhhh.

(Editor’s Note: Driving was left purposely misspelled to note the irony in that last sentence – TMM)

Still haven’t really cracked the Kindle; I think I would not buy it because I am getting more services from the iPad.

A little about this conference, “Anything Goes.” Libraries are having to move away from traditional models; will vendor models change? Pay-per-view, POD, leasing? Libraries are having their budgets slashed.  Scholarly sharing off the grid with social networking is gaining steam, as well.  Publishers and librarians have to understand which areas of social media will take precedence?

Patron driven acquisition (PDA) is the buzz term. During the first forum on Wednesday, “Let them eat… Everything,” we were given clickers for real-time poll taking. Most interesting for me, the question, “Librarians, do you envision needing PPV, POD, leasing, and PDA”?  Majority answer was “yes, but will take a lot of time to implement.”

When publishers were asked the same question, the answer was , “no, too expensive to implement.”


During “Putting all the pieces together,” the overall tone was that there are too many platforms to choose from, and libraries are overwhelmed. Patrons want content seamlessly delivered. The goal is a unified, rationalized experience for the library patron.

More tomorrow; raining and cold and I need a nice warm meal. I’m not going to the annual meeting tonight because I have a call report about _______. Can’t tell you readers or I’d have to kill you! Trust me, I need to spend a few hours on this.

Rose  Rummel Eury

Sales Manager, MPS North America


One Response to A Day in the Life of an iPad vs Kindle: Day 3

  1. Jenny Ziegler says:

    Rose, this is so interesting! I had no idea libraries are becoming so electronic and much more customer-focused in light of all the new technology.

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