A Day in the Life of an iPad vs Kindle: Day 2

Eating fried conch at a week-old restaurant in the the Historic District of Charleston, called “david’s.” Four-hour trip down: 9 vultures, 3 hawks, 2 dead deer, 1 dead dog, 1 dead ????, and horrible gas mileage on the rental (why is it no rental companies will buy hybrids?).

Well, iPad update: the map is awesome! Didn’t really need it, since I knew where I was going, but fun.  Typing: Don’t like it at all. Having to switch from the alpha board to the number board just to use a semi-colon, hyphen, parens, and $$$, is annoying and slow. Okay for all you two-fingered typists, but not a viable replacement for my BB’s keypad, nor my laptop’s.

Glare on the board because I am outside, but that would be the case with laptop, so no black marks. It will offer to fix a misspelled word, and automatically caps words at the beginning of a sentence. It will not allow me, however, to start a sentence with a lower case word, so I cannot properly spell iPad at the beginning of a sentence. It is quite sensitive, so when my bad hand drops too closely to the keypad, I get this: lklki.

Kindle update: just now reading the directions; looks easy; screen is easy to read and I am getting no glare holding in same position as iPad. Looks like great for just reading, but I still just want only ONE device: phone, computer, camera, eReader.

Convention starts tomorrow; the Kindle will be popular.

Took me at least four times longer to write this and when I just typed “longer” incorrectly, it gave me “salinger.” Interesting.

Sent from my iPad

Rose Rummel Eury

Sales Manager, MPS North America


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