A Day in the Life of an iPad vs Kindle – Day 1

MPS recently purchased a Kindle and iPad for the salesfolks to use, whether for conventions, certain sales calls where we need to showcase our conversion capabilities, or to ensure that customers can see that we are an integral part of ePublishing.  Since I am headed to the XXX Charleston Conference (for librarians, university presses, vendors), I asked for and received both devices last Saturday.  When FedEx arrived, I truly felt like a kid at Christmas.  For my husband, as well (Get her mitts off MY devices, honey).

The iPad case is really really tight fitting; mildly annoying. Majorly annoying: getting my MPS email set up. I had to call on my dear friend, Mr. Jim Link, for assistance. Setting up Gmail  and other standard email accounts is a no-brainer, but connecting to our server in India involves IMAP. I hooked up my Skype camera and showed Jim the screen and he walked me through it. Yea Jim!   Set up the correct time and then went to Safari to look for a greens & pork sausage recipe. Hey, it’s Saturday; I’m not working!

That night, hubby took it to bed and we played around with his email, maps (taking a look at all the streets where we used to live in Oregon, NC, NY, PA, and DE),  YouTube, and Facebook. I’m enjoying how light the thing is. For iTunes, iPod, and iBooks are all set as Eli’s accounts, so I have to figure out how to set up my own. (Eli is the “keeper” of the devices and works out of Beverly.) I did find there is only one contact entered so far, and it’s a colleague out of the U.K., Steve Benaim, whose note in contacts says, “Bit dodgy. Keep away from my iPad.” Sorry, Steve, it’s in my hot little hands now!!!

Today, I’m delving into some of the apps that are loaded; I see that CourseSmart it one; MPS converts textbooks to this platform and I’ve heard a lot about it, so I’m anxious to see how that works.  I will also be downloading the VitalSource app, which is free from Ingram Digital; that is, if I can figure out how to set up another iTunes account. JIM!!!!!???!!

Rose Rummel Eury

Sales Manager, MPS North America


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