97% of Librarians are Using Usage Stats

As eBook and eJournal collections grow, librarians are increasingly using content usage statistics to make purchasing decisions. Project COUNTER is an international initiative to define standards for the representation of these usage statistics, allowing librarians to compare like-for-like and, ultimately, to determine the cost per use of each title.

Worldwide Survey of over 300 Librarians

MPS conducted a survey of librarians in September 2010 to understand more about how usage statistics, and in particular COUNTER-compliant usage statistics, are being used. 313 librarians, mainly from the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, mainland Europe, and Canada, responded to the survey. Over half are responsible for purchasing and cancellation decisions and the survey revealed that librarians attach much greater weight to COUNTER reports than to other usage statistics.

Key Findings

  • For 86% of respondents, usage statistics influence their purchasing decisions.
  • 97% of librarians use usage statistics, with 87% of librarians using COUNTER-compliant usage statistics for eJournals, and 66% for eBooks.
  • 48% of those who aren’t yet using COUNTER-compliant usage data for eBooks expect to be doing so within the next year.
  • 90% of librarians stated that COUNTER-compliant usage statistics are vital or important for eJournals and 74% find them vital or important for eBooks.
  • To read the full results, click here


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