The Human Genome on The iPad

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) has created an iPad app to mark the 10th anniversary of the human genome project.

The human genome project, announced jointly in June 2000 by Tony Blair and George Bush, was believed to herald a major breakthrough which would soon lead to big medical advances.  Progress though hasn’t been as fast as predicted and a special edition of NPG’s flagship magazine, Nature, looks at the project ten years on.

The iPad app offers readers a multimedia, interactive version of the Nature special, including an exclusive video commentary from Nature’s genetics editor, audio clips from authors and an interactive timeline charting human genome research over the last ten years.

This is the first time NPG has prepared material for the iPad, and with more than 20,000 downloads to date and a top-40 ranking in the US as of 20 July, it has certainly been popular.  James McQuat, whose team developed the app, explains the significance of the project:

“This was a major achievement for NPG, requiring us to think about how best to evolve our print design with a layer of interactivity and reader involvement. We partnered with Evolved Media Solutions to produce the technical backdrop using our current Woodwing collaboration tools. For a first effort we felt we delivered something new and interesting for our readers.”

The app can be downloaded from the iTunes app store here

For more on The Human Genome at Ten special edition of Nature click here

NPG is a sister company of MPS Limited


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