Books for Tribes

Are you trying to find writers for your readers or readers for your writers?

Speaking at a lunch for Independent Book Publishers in May, marketing guru Seth Godin sounded a wake up call for publishers.  Publishing was, he said, a perfect business for the last 100 years.  A publisher’s role was to curate, produce, invest in, distribute (that crucial shelf space) and promote books.  Post-digital, all that is left to the publisher is curation.  The publishing industry can avoid the sudden demise of the record industry – “all they could do [in response to the arrival of digital, sharing and iTunes] was to sue their biggest fans” – but only if they take the huge opportunity that lies in creating not books, but interest groups or tribes.  For the members of that tribe, he concludes, the book is just a “souvenir”, but nevertheless a much safer way of making money that betting millions on a surprise bestseller.

To listen to Seth’s vision of publishing’s bright new future, click here for the original blog post with a link to the audio.


One Response to Books for Tribes

  1. Rose Rummel-Eury says:

    And MPS is the vendor publishers need to rely on to connect them with their “tribes.”

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