Fiona Shoop wins the LBF eReader Survey

Fiona Shoop, Editorial Director of Golden Guides Press Ltd and G-Press, won MPS’ eReader questionnaire competition at the London Book Fair this year, much to her delight:

One of my main objectives for going to the LBF was to find a digital partnership. MPS had sent me an e-mail in the weeks before the show and I’d arranged a meeting with them. Golden Guides Press is a new publishing house specialising in fiction and adult non-fiction and we launched at the LBF which, despite the disruption of the volcano, was a very successful event in making new partnerships, both print and digital. I knew that I wanted to release all of our books as eBooks and wanted to work with a company who understood the needs of small publishers, not just those with 10+ users, who understood the importance of individual titles/authors for the publisher, plus the ability to get the eBooks to market and that’s exactly what I found with MPS.

I disappointed a few digital companies because I let them know that MPS would be handling our eBooks exclusively. That’s because of Audrey Alexander who explained everything so easily – I didn’t have to keep asking her to explain it more simply as is often the case with digital matters and I’m delighted to be working with her and Tim Corbett-Winder. It’s also important to my business that I will be working with the same person as it feels more of a personal investment by MPS in our future.

The Sony eReader is fantastic and I am so grateful to win it because I really wanted one, not just for GGP but for myself. The ash clouds kept me away from BookExpo in New York where I’d actually intended to buy one. I am now happily buying and downloading copyright-free books but the real joy will come when I download my first eBook with MPS. I have commissioned a beautifully written novel by a first time author and, with MPS’ help, we will make it a best-seller. I’m looking forward to working with a company which is just so friendly, as well as professional, and who targeted their business to suit my needs.


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