Tablet Wars – The iPad Reigns Unopposed

Apple announced on Monday that iPad sales crossed the 1 million mark in just 28 days. The new 3G models, released this weekend, were snapped up within hours.  And Apple has yet to take the product beyond American shores – the international launch has been delayed to the end of May due to the huge demand in the US (and may, the rumour mill tells us, slip yet further).

The two other big tablet devices the market was talking about, meanwhile, seem to have been withdrawn from the contest even before they had entered.  Microsoft announced the cancellation of its tablet, the Courier.  The fate of the HP device, the Slate, looks uncertain following HP’s acquisition of Palm (and thus the Palm WebOS).  The CEO of HP, Steve Ballmer, had revealed the prototype device earlier this year as seen in the photo above. It’s thought that HP no longer wants to use Windows 7, as previously planned, for the operating system and tech writers think this may mean HP goes right back to the drawing board.  Analysts say that both companies still intend to develop a tablet device of some kind but presumably it will take a while.

BlackBerry promises a BlackPad but not for another year at least.  Google apparently has an Android Tablet, which could look something like the photo above, waiting in the wings and several others, including Nokia, may be working on tablets of their own.  Among all of this speculation, it looks like the iPad will continue to clock up record sales and media hype with no competitor in sight.

UPDATE: For a round up of the latest rumours of Tablet competitors as of June 29th, click here


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