Techknowledge 2010

The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), a leading professional organisation dedicated to the training and development field, annually brings together learning leaders and developers in conferences, workshops and online meeting places. The charter is to act as an enabler for stakeholders across the industry to participate, share and learn about emerging technologies, products and concepts that will drive changing training needs in the workplace.

From 27th-29th January, ASTD organised Techknowledge 2010, with pre-conference workshops and certificate programs commencing a few days earlier. It featured keynote speakers covering the latest in learning technology through a myriad of topics. While the length and breadth of everything connected with technology-based learning was discussed, the common thread in most of these sessions was social learning. Today’s adult learner looks to share and gain knowledge through an informal medium from peers and other like-minded individuals. The top-down approach (in classroom and even self-paced learning) will soon be passé. The various sessions delved into challenges, objections, strategy etc that organisations have to deal with and the products, tools and methods that they should probably invest in to enable a social learning environment at the workplace.

The event included concurrent sessions on various educational tracks such as E-learning Design, Implementing Learning Technologies & Strategies, Platforms & Authoring tools, NextGen Technologies & Virtual Delivery & Facilitation. Facilitated Learning Lab sessions were also conducted – targeted at e-learning job roles such as that of e-learning developer, instructional designer, learning managers and administrators – to provide informal opportunities to understand methods to enhance the learning experience. The two day conference also provided an expo floor space to e-learning suppliers and service providers to exhibit their capabilities, products and services.

Vinok D’Silva

Learning and New Media Services


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