eBooks, Smartphones & Kindles Oh My!

Predictions and thoughts on 2010:

‘Tis the season to be merry when all the experts (and others) in our industry take it upon themselves to become prognosticators – and they’re certainly at it this year. Using facts, fiction and the latest app they’ve come up with all sorts of interesting things. For example, eBook sales will continue to grow (bet you didn’t see that coming!) According to Forrester analysts eBook sales will reach $500 million and beyond in 2010. But will this be a windfall for Jeff Bezos and his Kindle? Not so fast says Forrester and other analysts. The eReader market will be fragmented across multiple devices particularly the Smartphone.

Flurry, a company that provides analytics to mobile phone app developers, point out that in October of this year one in five new iPhone apps was a book. (1)  Add to that the other interesting little fact that in the same month the United States surpassed Indonesia as the country with the highest mobile phone eBook consumption worldwide (2) and things start to get interesting.

Maja Thomas, SVP Digital & Audio Publishing at Hachette noted that by 2010 there are going to be 1 billion web-enabled cell phones while there are currently only about 3 million e-ink devices between Kindle, Sony and all other eReaders. (3) Even with eReader prices predicted to fall to as low as $50 by the end of 2010, with the exception of Kindle of course, it’s still an additional expense and a second device.

Will consumers continue to move towards Smartphones and away from eReaders in 2010?

What are your predictions for the future? Let us know.

More predictions later.

David Aubrey

Sales Manager, Midwest

This article first appeared on www.mypubsolutions.com on 8th December 2009 – click here to see the original article


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